When Do You Need to Replace Your Home Air Conditioner Filters?

Not only do air conditioner filters need to be cleaned regularly; there will come a time when you will need to replace them.

It is necessary to have a regular maintenance program for your cooling system particularly the air conditioning filters. The components of this modern household appliance are sensitive and can easily be damaged once dirt has set in. Filthy blowers or evaporator coils will not function efficiently when impaired. This makes the function of filters very crucial to the entire unit.

Filters must be kept clean at all times so these can function appropriately. Otherwise, the cooling unit will find it difficult to bring in air. The consequences can be negative as power consumption will be high, the cooling capacity is reduced, the unit can easily breakdown, and repair or replacement must be done frequently. You waste a lot of money in the long-run. The air conditioning filter should be cleaned every two weeks or once every month depending on where the unit is positioned. Cleaning should be done more often if the environment is relatively dirty.

Need for Regular Replacement

The rule is air conditioner filters must be replaced regularly or when it does not function 100 percent anymore. There are disposable and permanent varieties. The throw-away model is inexpensive. However, it relies on adhesives which cannot be cleaned or used for a second time. The permanent type is costly but reusable. Individuals with allergic reactions can opt for electrostatic filters because the static electricity produced by air that flows through the device has the capacity to get rid of substances that cause allergies.

Almost all cooling systems have the contractions installed near the evaporator coil, framework or slots in the duct mechanism. This furry-looking material takes care of removing specks from the air stream to ensure that the system is clean and the particles are cleared from the air. The filter is filled with a large volume of these fragments as it siphons more air. The resistance is enhanced but air circulation is minimized substantially. This is the time when the AC filter has to be changed. Replacement time depends on the accumulated dirt and the size of the filter.

How Dirty AC Filters Affect Your Air Conditioning Unit

What happens when you fail to obtain a replacement part? The air stream is reduced and the system fails to perform efficiently. The dirty filter can even be a source of contamination. Removing the device will not help since the dirt will settle on the evaporator coil and lead to its eventual breakdown. Buying a new filter is still the most practical option. Filthy air conditioning filters take away the efficiency of your household appliance. Set up a new one at least once every month during the cooling time of year. This applies to both window-type and central air conditioning units. Try to find the so-called Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of the filter. Ideally, it should be from one to 12 for units that are installed in residential homes. The filtering device with a higher number provides more effective filtration. However, the energy required to draw air in is quite massive. Thus, the homeowner must balance the quality of air with the cost of energy consumption.