My AC Filter is Clogged – What Should I Do?

There are a few DIY techniques you can utilize when your air conditioner filter becomes clogged.

HVAC units are only as effective as the air conditioning filters. Remember this maxim when it comes to dealing with these cooling and heating appliances. This makes it essential to change this vital device on a regular basis. It is more expensive to have the entire unit repaired than replacing a single filter. The replacement schedule is usually recommended by the appliance manufacturer or contractor. However, this can also be on the need basis which means that you have to change the filter when it is dirty or has broken down and the efficiency of the unit is affected. Likewise, be prompt in changing defective filters especially if you are prone to allergies or suffer from heart and lung diseases. You can always check with your service provider regarding the variety of filter to purchase and the steps in installing one.

What to do when filters are clogged?

Keep in mind that vents and air conditioner filters that are blocked make the appliances work harder. When this happens, your electricity bill will surely be blown up. Majority of central air conditioning units and the window air conditioners require new filters at least once every year. If you encounter clogging problems, disconnect the filter and wash under running warm water until the device is already clean. You can use an odor remover in case you encounter a moldy smell. Allow the fan to run until the moldy scent is gone. Get hold of the vacuum cleaner. Make use of the soft dusting brush to rid the air vents and window units of dust and cobwebs. There is a vacuum rod that will help you reach out to the higher openings.

The filter is one of the most vital components of the air conditioning unit. It is important to learn do-it-yourself techniques in removing and cleaning this device.

  • Wear protective gloves and masks so you will not be inhale the dust or other allergens. These can be detrimental to your health. Take away the access cover or cover. Remove the filter with care and inspect its condition. If you see the filter as being blocked completely, just buy a replacement part.
  • If you are dealing with a window air conditioner filter, make sure to wash the contraption with warm water and soap. Allow the filter to dry completely before putting it back on the air conditioner. On the other hand, the bigger outdoor filters may be cleaned with a chemical that can be bought from home supplies or local hardware stores. Replacement still remains as the ideal alternative if the filter cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Get the exact dimensions before buying a new part. Ask for the store personnel’s help so you will get the correct model.
  • Vacuum the other parts like the metal fins to eliminate foreign particles and dust.
  • Once you have replaced the filter, close the hatch and wipe with a clean cloth. You need to implement regular maintenance to enhance performance and keep your unit efficient at all times.