How to Tell if Your AC Filters are Clogged

There are a few signs you should watch out for that will tell you if your air conditioner filters are clogged.

The congestion of air conditioning filters is probably caused by moisture, high level of indoor waste and irregular handling of condensate (matter that is caused by the condensation of vapor). The negative effects of blocked HVAC filters include the significant increase in cooling and heating costs and safety hazards. A clogged filter also means that the unit cannot function effectively. It is therefore important for you to monitor indications that there is something wrong with your filtration system.

Symptoms of Blocked Filters

There is inadequate air flow coming from the unit’s aperture. The duct work of air conditioners is responsible for air circulation. Under normal circumstances, the air coming from the exhaust should be balanced. Once the air seems to be limited, there must be something wrong with the filter. At the same time, inspect your system of pipes which could have been affected by the accumulation of dirt. Once the filter is congested, the tubes are also affected. This can lead to the formation of spores that are primarily the source of allergies and more serious respiratory disorders.

Accumulation of filth in the fan blade also means that the air conditioner filter is jammed. Unpleasant odors are also caused by this obstruction in the mechanism. A more serious concern is the frost that can build up around the evaporator coil. If this issue arises, you can opt for a less-efficient air filter or change this particular component more often. There is a possibility that out of pure negligence on your part that the device gets too dirty and air flow is restricted. This can result in the filter giving way or being siphoned from its bracket. The only solution will be to change your AC filters.

All of a sudden, your air conditioning unit can stop functioning. This can be the effects of frozen coils or other components of the cooling appliance. If the evaporator’s temperature decreases significantly, the thermostat can possibly open and force the compressor to stop running. When the temperature goes back to normal, the thermostat closes up and the unit works again. This will be a cycle that can only be remedied by replacing the filter.

There are some symptoms that you will discover once problems with your air conditioning filters starts to crop up. The correct way of filter replacement will also ensure that your unit does not cause pollution that can be harmful to the entire household. You can refer to guidelines from the manufacturer which is printed on a manual that comes along when you purchase a unit. However, you should not focus on the filter alone since there are other important components of this appliance.

As a recap, it is practical to clean or change AC filters every two to three months. The filter gets blocked after constant use. Limited air flow will cause the coils to be hindered as well. As the filtration system gets older, the efficiency diminishes because of the extensive damage to the fibers of the filter medium. There will be increased power and maintenance costs, build-up of dirt on the walls or ceiling, and contamination of the air duct.