How to Clean and Maintain Home AC Filters

It is important for homeowners to learn how to properly clean their AC filters.

Air conditioning filters must be cleaned and maintained perfectly so that HVAC units can function effectively and last longer. You need not be overwhelmed by this task. It can be done easily even without professional assistance and entails minimal time. It is important to keep these household appliances in perfect condition in anticipation of the hot summer months. You also need to take care of air conditioning filters because these are useful in preventing allergic reactions, skin infections and serious respiratory illnesses.

How to Maintain Filters

The first step is to see to it that the appliance has been unplugged from the electric supply. Detach the cover of the unit since filters are usually installed at the back of this casing or right in front of the coils. Wash the filters with mild soap and warm water. At the same time, spray the coils with a cleaning product that can be bought in home supply outlets or hardware shops. This substance is meant to eliminate unpleasant smell caused by the residue from cigarette smoke, dirt, mildew and molds. Keep the foam from coming in contact with electrical wires and other components. Drain the water from the AC filters and make sure that these have been dried completely before putting these back. Replace any damaged filter. Wipe the coils and cover prior to reinstallation. You can also use the vacuum cleaner on the coils and grill. Be careful with the soft aluminum fins since these can be damaged easily.

Turn the air conditioning unit on. Set the control to cool and then adjust the thermostat to the maximum setting. The warm air will be condensed when this passes through the cool coils. This substance resulting from condensation will wash the dirt and bubbles away from the coils and accumulate in the drip pan. You can expect this pan to drain if the air conditioner is installed correctly.

Replacement of Air Filters

Follow the proper steps if you need to change the filter of the window air conditioner. Consider these tips from experts:

  • Look for the furnace and filter slot of the AC unit which is normally a strip of metal that covers the area.
  • Get the measurements of the air filter that needs to be changed. The dimensions can be found on the side.
  • You can purchase these products from hardware stores provided you have the correct sizes. It is advisable to consult the store clerk to make sure that you get the exact items.
  • It is better to opt for high-efficiency filters in places where the climate is comparatively warm and covered in dust. These filters are more effective in taking in dust particles and other allergens.

Cleansing the Air Conditioning Drainage System

It is practical to clean the drainage mechanism when you clean or replace the filter to save on time and effort. The first step is to disengage the drain tube of the air conditioning unit. All obstructions should be taken away from the tube making use of a wire or brush for feeding bottles. This tube can be cleaned with water and chlorine solution and dried before reinstalling.