Air Conditioner Filters

Homeowners should become familiar with the functions of a air conditioning filters, as well as how to maintain these important components.

The air conditioning filter is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of system components like the blower and evaporator coil. It has a twofold purpose which is to keep the air uncontaminated and the parts dirt-free. Indoor contaminants are reduced considerably by these filters thereby bringing down the prevalence of allergies and obnoxious odors. These devices gather the dust, pollen from plants and impurities that can cause respiratory ailments or affect the functions of your lungs.

Multiple Benefits of Filters

These devices gather the dust, pollen from plants and impurities that can cause respiratory ailments or affect the functions of your lungs. Clean AC filters lead to cost efficiency. When these implements are blocked, more energy is needed to blow air through the appliance. It holds back the process and makes it longer to attain the necessary temperature. The equipment has to run longer which results in higher consumption of electricity. Energy that is wasted produces additional pollution and definitely hurts the environment.

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

Air conditioner filters should be cleaned on a regular basis and replaced immediately when these become defective. This will ensure that the equipment’s performance is not hampered and runs at an optimum level. Filters that are not maintained properly reduce the efficiency and natural life of the cooling system. On the other hand, hasty replacement also affects the unit negatively. The key is to implement regular maintenance every one to two months. However, this still depends on the amount of dirt that has accumulated in the air conditioning unit. Likewise, the filter may need to be changed more often if your house is undergoing major repairs or you own several pets that are always inside your home.

There are disposable varieties which are very affordable. Besides, constant replacement can save you money ultimately due to energy savings. The regular filters will take you only five to ten minutes of cleaning. If you want to clean the air conditioning filter personally, you will need a broom, vacuum cleaner and hose attached to a water faucet. You have to find out whether it is a furnace or forced air system. The filtering device is fastened directly to the window air conditioner in a furnace system. For the forced air model, the device is above an opening where the air comes from. Make it a point to sweep or vacuum the place where the unit is located. Turn the power off before touching any part of the filter. Open the panel door of the AC unit or remove the filtering component from the standard forced air system. Take the exact measurements of the disposable type so you can buy the product from the local hardware outlet. If the filter is replaceable, take it off and spray with water on a clean area. Refrain from using detergents since the dirt will only cling to the filters. Let the filter dry thoroughly before putting it back. Follow the guide arrows carefully or refer to your manual to make sure that the installation is correct.